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Self-discipline brings a positive lifestyle

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Avoid Fake Happiness!!!

Without your parents’ nagging and your tutor’s restraint, you may feel excited about that you can govern your own time when you arrive in UK.

You stay in bed late at night and play with your phone without qualm, because there will be no one to ask you get up early in the morning

You lie on your bed with watching soap opera till noon and then eat some fast and “delicious” junk food eat as lunch.

Such indulgence will bring you temporary happiness. But trust me, over time you will find: because of the unregulated sleep, you unhealthy mental state makes you difficult to concentrate on your studies, you will start losing your hair, your weight will soar, your grades will be unsatisfactory…

What bring us real happiness?

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Then you may begin to fall into guilty and self-doubt: one year experience of studying in the UK is so precious, how can I spend this year? How do I change the decadent life and learning state? What bring us real happiness?

According to Hofmann, people with high self control are happier than those without (Hofmann et al., 2013).2., so the answer is self-discipline.

The self-discipline is not only for study, but also for all aspects of life. This is because every part in your life will effect your study efficiency. I know that it is not easy to be a self-discipline person when no one supervising you, but I could give you some tips from my personal experiences.

# Put your mobile phone away!

Mobile phone is a stumbling block on your way to develop good habits. We often waste a good morning by swiping our phones, and then stay up late because of playing with our phones before going to bed. This vicious cycle leads to inefficient learning during the day, so the first step of develop a good attitude is to overcome our dependence on mobile phones.

# Study in the library.

Study at home is very easy to distract, the bed is more attractive to us than books. So go out of your home with your roommate,  study in library and study space is much higher efficiency than at home.

Computer in front of the library window
Photo&Edit: Guo Meng

# Reward yourself!

If you think the previous tip is difficult for a you, a lie-abed, so just reward yourself! For example, tell yourself : “I can watch my favorite TV shows and soap opera after 3 hours’ efficient study in the library.” Or, after completing the assignment, you can reward yourself with a hot pot! Motivation comes from having award! Self-discipline is a difficult thing, so reward yourself for your effort.

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