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Avoid isolate lifestyle, go to make new friends!

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What’s different with China?

Chinese University’s dormitory is shared with 4 or 6 students who have the similar background, so you and your roommate are natural to be friends.
Now you know, most of the student accommodations in the UK are designed for a single person. It gives you a more private and free living environment, but if you spend too much time of living alone and refuse to go out, you are facing the problem of how to make new friends. After a long time, you may feel isolation.

Where can you meet more people?

# Social Media? NO!

You may say you are familiar with the UK’s social media system, and you are a skilled user with using social media to make friends. You think use social media to meet new people reduce embarrass feeling, it is more comfortable than social in the offline life. I used to have the same thought with you. But according to Society of Public Health, social media using have the possibility of making poor mental heath worse, and linked to the increased rates of depression, anxiety and poor sleep quality (, 2016)1. Please spend less time on social media platforms.

The report also suggests that face-to-face communication with people is a better way to manage mental health (Campus living villages, 2017)2. Therefore, go out of your door and communicate with people face to face.

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# Face to Face

1. There will be some interest clubs in Universities. They cover a variety of interests, such as sport, singing, dancing, musician. Join them, you will feel confident to communicate with people who have the same interest with you.

2. Voluntary or other activities by Universities and your city, such as Colour Run!

Colour Run in the UK Photo: pexels
Image: Pexels 4

3. Seminar is a good place for you to express yourself and talk to your group member.

4. If you feel embarrass to talk to someone from other nationality at first, start from students from China.

My own experience

Last year when I was in the UK, I feel lonely and not confident to communicate with people. Then one of my old friend bring me to an activity named “House Group”. I have to say it was like a home, it was a warm memories, it is also an opportunity for me to make friends with people from different and learn about typical British culture. One thing need to remind, when you decide to take part in one activity, make sure it has no risk to do harm to your personal safety.

"House Group" hosts
Photo: Guo Meng
Photo&Edit: Guo Meng

# Remind:

When you decide to take part in one activity, make sure it has no risk to your personal safety.

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