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Struggling with “crowed” deadlines?

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Many assignments and deadlines will frustrate you during the Master year. First, don’t worry. Just remember, do not waste your pressure time, refers to A better life attitude during the oversea study yearlearn how to be a self-discipline student. Then do things step by step, do the homework one by one, you will get a good result.
Furthermore, here are some more suggestions specific for how to deal with the busy deadlines, they are all from personal experience, hope those will relax you somehow.

How to deal with your busy deadlines?

# Learn to set a plan.

Mark each deadline on a planner, category them with priority, then you have a more clear sense to handle the mass deadlines. You will become more logical and less panic when you work follow the planner. Do not panic, all the homework will completed, everything will be okay!

Daily study plan chart
Photo&Edit: Guo Meng

# Stop and Relax!

If you are under a great pressure, you need to stop working and use sometime to relax yourself. Have a chat with your friends, watch a movie you like, go out to enjoy the beautiful British scenery, give yourself a buffer. Back to work when you feel better, just like the “Calm down and carry on”, you may find that you can figure out the problems you used to not understand, and find ideas of your essay!

Meng facing the sea
Photo: Liu Hui

# Go to the gym!

“It’s an age-old adage that exercise is the best medicine, an inverse relationship between the amount of leisur-time physical activity and case-level symptoms of depression” (Harvey et al., 2010). 1 

You may think go to the gym will decline the time of your study. I used to think the same way with you, but in my personal experience, the fact is that one hour of daily exercise will not affect any part of your life. You may also think it is boring to go to the gym, but my friend said:” I don’t like to go to the gym, but when the deadline coming, gym is for more interesting than essays.”   

“II do yoga and progressive muscle relaxation to alleviate stress and anxiety, and attempt breathing exercises. I think it helps because it is a physical reaction to a mental issue and it helps calm my flight or fight response.”

                                                                                                                             A student 2

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