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How can you satisfy your “Chinese Stomach” in the UK?

Collage with 9 Chinese dishes

Start to miss your homeland dishes?

Let me guess, you didn’t real miss your hometown food at the first or two month when arrived in the UK. You curious about British food. You excited about the totally new taste. You felt that you could eat the most local fish and chips, fried chicken and burgers.
However, after a while, you feel a little tired of eating fried chicken and chips every day. Your “Chinese stomach” begins to miss your hometown taste, especially in the deep night when you lying on the bed. Spicy crayfish, barbecue, roast grim, hot pot, roast duck began to float in your mind, then you are too greedy to fall in sleep! Ha ha, this is a process that every international student have experienced. I have also spend countless such struggle nights on missing my hometown food.

Classic British breakfast and desserts
Photo&Edit: Guo Meng

How can you satisfy your “Chinese Stomach”?

Hot pot and dishes on a table
Photo&Edit: Guo meng

# Most cities where located University in the UK have Chinese restaurants.

The common price of Chinese dishes are slight higher than fish and chips but it is acceptable. You will find an interesting phenomenon about the Chinese restaurant in the UK. If you live in a northern city in China, the most of the southern dishes in your city are not good. But in the UK, you can eat very authentic Sichuan, Cantonese and even Northwest cuisine in the same city. Because I am a northerner, the most authentic Chengdu string I have eaten is in Sheffield… So there will be different tastes of Chinese food in the UK, just go to find what you’d like to eat~!

# Other Asian dishes instead.

If you are studying in a big city in the UK , such as London, Manchester, Birmingham or Sheffield, you are lucky to have many choices of Chinese restaurants. But if your city is smaller, then you may have fewer options or less authentic flavors of the Chinese dishes.  My advice is that you can choose other East Asian dishes instead. For example, some of the Japanese food, Korean food and Thai food have the similar taste to us. Last year when I was in the UK, Thailand Green Curry and the Korean kimchi soup are satisfy my taste of spicy food.

Korean, Japan and Thailand dishes
Photo&Edit: Guo Meng

# Cook yourself.

Although there are different Chinese restaurants in the UK, some Chinese local snacks are difficult to find. For instance, spicy crayfish, roast grim and Chinese pancakes. Meanwhile, you may think eat every meal at the Chinese restaurant is a little affordable-less for you. In these cases, you can choose to do it yourself!  

Tip: Most of the Chinese or Asian supermarkets sell raw materials for local snacks, for example roast grim. I am so excited when I find the material of roast grim. I learned how to do it, it is not very hard, and I think I will never buy it from outside when I come back to China. By the way, you can follow some blogger who teach cooking on YouTube, and then try to cooking yourself, it will be interesting and more healthy.


I can do it, you can as well!

Featured image: Guo Meng

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