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Where can you search for academic assistance?

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# Academic Center

You may not know the academic writing rules. Or, you already know the rules, but you are a little panic about the first time practice. In this case, some universities have the international language center. You can make an appointment with the language center, they will help you with the academic writing rules, and also proofreading your paper.

ATTENTION: Plagiarism punishment in the UK university is very strict. You should have a clear knowledge about how to reference literature accurately, otherwise your grade will be negatively effected. I had the experience of getting a lower score due to the nonstandard reference format last semester! My advice is to make an appointment with the academic center and learn the reference principles carefully, this is a best way to avoid plagiarism.

For example:

University of Sheffield: 301 academic skills center:

# Feel free to contact your tutor

I know some of Chinese students are unlikely to communicate study with tutors. However, in the UK, please don’t be afraid to talk with the teacher. Make sure that you describe your problems in detail and then your tutor will try his/her best to help you. No one will push you to get a greater mark in master’s degree, you need to actively find help. So, remember to contact your tutor, because A wrong direction will destroy all your efforts.

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This advice comes from my real personal experience. When I was in my final year of my undergraduate study in the UK, I annoyed by the under 60 portfolio mark. What make things worse was that my graduate portfolio briefs appears some serious problems. Considering my personal interest, my tutor didn’t give me a direct guide. Instead, he asked what I want to do, and discussed how to improve my brief based on my interest and technique level. With the help of my tutor, I felt confident to challenge myself, in the end my portfolio graded 87.

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